The GabbroSoft gallery is the best online source to find the best images of a hard-rock geology nature. If you are looking for photomicrographs of benmoreite or larvikite, stills of stibnite crystals, or shots of volcanos is action, the gallery will be the place to go!! It is free to register for your own account, and upload and share you own images, and add comments to those uploaded by others. Registration is a two step process:

  • First, you must fill out the form on this website with you name, email, reasons for wanting an account on our gallery system, and if possible upload an example of the type of photos you will be storing with us.
  • Secondly, once we are happy with your intention to upload only bona fide hard-rock geology images, we will manually activate your account and let you know via email that you are free to use the system.

Whilst we do have a healthy amount of storage on our server, and the gallery software limits the maximum size of image you can upload by resizing overly large images, we would be grateful if you didn't go mad and upload thousands of photographs.