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Here at GabbroSoft.org we make no bones about the fact that we are mad on all things hard-rock geological. Here you will find our 'World Famous' mineral chemistry spreadsheets, be able to purchase our geochemical and mineralogical software, and find a whole pile of links to other fascinating geological websites.

You can also find us on Facebook at The Hard Rock Zone which is the place to share geological news, information and images of an igneous, mineralogical, metamorphic or volcanological nature. We are also active on Pinterest, where a whole host of hard rock images are being gathered together.

We are proud to announce that the GabbroSoft interactive gallery is now open for business. We hope this will become the best online source to find the best images of a hard-rock geology nature. If you are looking for photomicrographs of benmoreite or larvikite, stills of stibnite crystals, or shots of volcanos is action, the gallery will be the place to go!! We currently have images of rocks and locations from around the British Tertiary Igneous Province, and a large collection of photomicrographs of a variety of igneous rocks courtesy of Aberdeen University, Department of Geology & Petroleum Geology. To register for a gallery account, please go here and follow the instructions. We are looking forward to the gallery growing into useful and active place to visit.

...Rocks, like everything else, are subject to change, and so are our views on them. Loewinson-Lessing (1936)

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